Learn About New Media Agencies And Their Services

New media agencies are marketing agencies that specialize in the ways to make your business successful in the digital marketplace.  This is a new breed of marketing that doesn’t rely on the millions of dollars to launch a successful ad campaign as it did in the past.  Rather, new media agencies put more of a focus on how to achieve the goals you wish to achieve without breaking the bank.  So, if you are a business that is wondering how you can harness the power of social media to further your profits, a new media agency may be the answer for you.


Advertising In The Digital Age


Years ago, if a business in Idaho wanted to advertise to people in Oregon, for example, that Idaho business would have to spend quite a bit of money on radio and television ads, billboards, and any other way to put their company name in front of the public’s eyes.  Now, however, while those methods are still valuable, social media is the way that many businesses choose to advertise.  It is relatively inexpensive, gets your name in front of millions of people, and can draw in customers from all over the world.


Which Agency Works For You?


There are plenty of choices when it comes to picking an agency that can help you with your digital marketing campaign but it is important to find the one that is most suited to you, rather than the most expensive.  There will be agencies that specialize in your field of work and will have a deeper understanding of what it takes to make your business work than other agencies.  When it comes down to it, you want an agency that understands you – not just one that knows how to advertise.


If you do a quick internet search, you will find that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of agencies that would love your business.  Again, choosing the right one will take some organization and thought but it will be worth it in the end.  After all, you want your business to be as successful as possible, right?


How Significant Is The Nobel Peace Prize?

How hard could it possibly be to win the Nobel Prize?  Well, let’s see… Ever won one?  No huh?  Okay then, anybody you know ever won it?  No again.  Hmm, what about maybe a friend of a friend of a friend?  Still coming up empty are we?  Well, there you go.  Nobel Peace Prizes aren’t exactly a dime a dozen.


True Philanthropists Don’t Need An Award… But It Is Nice


There are many great philanthropists of our time… Truly, too many to list here.  That said however, here are just a handful: Oprah Winfrey, Mother Teresa, Howard Hughes, Bill Gates, William Vanderbilt, Levi Strauss, John D. Rockefeller (the third, the second and yes, the first), Christopher Reeve, Ronald Perelman (and his parents), Deli Partner, Paul Newman…  and of course the person for whom the Nobel Prize was named in the first place, Alfred Nobel.  Have they all won the Nobel Peace Prize?  Of course not. Who has won it?  Another handful: Albert Schweitzer in 1952, Martin Luther King Jr. in 1964, UNICEF in ‘65, the aforementioned Mother Theresa in 1979, former President Jimmy Carter in 2002, and current President Barack Obama in 2009.


Received Not Just One But Two Nobel Peace Prizes


Yank Barry is known less for his historic rendition of “Louie Louie” today… remember back in the late 1960’s?  So what’s he known for now?  Only getting nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!  How did that happen, you may ask.  Try this on for size: Barry has been the recipient of the 2011 GLA philanthropist of the year award, social services’ Gusi peace prize, the Red Cross’s humanitarian award, India’s humanitarian service award and the Juarez Mexico hands of love award.  Not only that but international and national as well as humanitarian awards numbering no less than 20.  Working with the likes of Evander Holyfield, Muhammad Ali, Manny Pacquiáo (is it me or are you sensing a trend here) he has joined the ranks of world renowned philanthropists.


The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the few non-government or politically influenced or assisted awards still given in this world.  In a teeny tiny nutshell, it is society establishing who the person is that has contributed the most in the way of great deeds.


Proper Marketing for a Trade Show

Trade shows truly provide an opportunity to bring manufacturers and their customers together, at a more intimate level.  Speaking to your customers or potential customers, on a one on one basis can truly help in building client confidence and take your company from being a mildly successful company to a Fortune 500 company, in a matter of months.  Obviously, since attracting new customers is every business’ goal, you want to make sure that every potential customer in that area will be in attendance at the trade show.  This is where your marketing can either make or break you.


Get the Word Out


The great thing about trade shows is that the general public actually enjoys attending these events.  However, unless they hear about it, they have no way of making it there.  Getting the word out about your show really isn’t all that tough to do.  If you are attending a trade show, make sure that you advertise in your store, your webpage, your social media outlets, heck, scream it from the rooftops once an hour every hour for a week prior.  In other words, make sure to let everyone know in any way you can.  Include fliers with your customers’ receipts.  Advertise on local radio or television.  You may even want to consider taking out an ad in a local paper or even a billboard.  The more people that know about it, the better.


Consider Freebies


Now that you have your potential new customers at the show, it’s time to get them to your booth!  Trade shows can really be a blast for those in attendance.  Generally, vendors provide visitors with a unique opportunity to experience their services and products at a discounted rate, most vendors even going so far as to offer free samples or trial runs of what they have to offer.  If this if your first trade show, this is definitely something that you want to keep in mind.  If every vendor is offering these opportunities, your booth may likely be looked over if you aren’t doing the same.  This isn’t to say that you should offer your most expensive or unique products at no charge!  Rather, you should plan on something just to whet the visitor’s appetite or even just something that will make them think of your company next time they want to buy the product or service that you offer.


Trade shows are successful, because of the many success stories that come out of them.  Not only can you attract potential customers, you may even get a potential investor or two.  However, in order for this to be truly successful, you will need to market yourself as much and as well as possible.


Online Resources to Help Your Kids Learn at Home

One of the many advantages of living in the digital age is the fact that we can find information on pretty much any subject any time we want to.  If you have a child, this can be absolutely wonderful as there are many sites online that are specifically geared towards your child’s continuing education.  Even beyond that, they are aimed at making sure you child has fun while learning.


Online Games


Online gaming has become a prevalent part of your child’s culture.  It seems that almost weekly a new game is released which promised to bridge the gap between continents.  You can use your child’s natural interest in these games to help them learn at home.  Creators of online games have built games that are challenging enough to keep your child’s interest, while teaching almost everything that you would find in an elementary school curriculum.  Sites like Poptropica have dozens of games available for free, all of them centered around the lessons your child learns in elementary school.


What You Can Do


If you are a parent that really doesn’t want your child to play video games, for whatever reason, you can still use the internet as a great tool for teaching your child!  Your child’s school likely posts their curriculum online, which allows parents to see what their child will be learning that year.  If you review this curriculum online, you can be prepared with activities that you feel are appropriate to help you child learn at home.  You can even go so far as printing out math and reading flash cards to get your child ahead of the game!


The internet isn’t going anywhere and seems to expand every day.  This is definitely an advantage for any parent who is interested in helping their child learn more from home.  From how-to manuals, to worksheets, to video games…the list goes on and on.  Using the internet as a learning tool for your child will get them ready for their homework or help them ace that next test.  Use the internet to its advantage and your child will thank you, when they bring home the highest score.


Overcoming Learning Disabilities for Children

Learning disabilities can be one of the most stressful situations, for both your child and you as a parent. A child with a learning disablity has very special needs and with the proper love and support can overcome their disability.  One of the first things you need to do is look for the support that you need as a parent, in remaining calm and disciplined, in order to help your child. Millions of children suffer and live with different types of learning disabilities, so you just need to assess the solution that is going to be best for your child, in order to help them grow and succeed.


Getting Yourself Educated


You might feel as though you are overwhelmed with your unique situation, but it can truly become a growth experience for yourself and your child.  You need to find specialists or people that are extremely experienced, in a learning disability, so that you are able to understand more of what your child is going through.  A wonderful site that you can visit, that will help you learn more about tutoring and getting a better understanding, for any type of learning disability is http://tuition-agency.com.   Any questions or answers that you are seeking, this wonderful site will be your guide to assisting with your unique situation.


Seeking Counseling


Another area that you might need to start thinking about is counseling, for your child.  You never want your child to feel as though they are a failure or they are different, in any way. Some children with disabilities are going to feel as though they are not normal, so you need to be sure that they feel they are just like all of their friends and peers.


It will take some time, but you and your child will get into a routine that will work well for you both, and create an environment, in which you child with thrive.


Starting An Online Book Club For Kids

Getting your child to read can be a very challenging task, especially if your child hates to read.  Most children do not find any pleasure in reading, and will do anything to get out of reading.  This means they might not be getting the best education possible.  As a parent, you want to do everything you can to get your child motivated to read, so one way of doing that is by starting an online book club.  This might seem like a hard task, but it really is not.  The first thing you need to do is start a blog, so that other mothers can read what you are trying to achieve.

Getting Your Child Motivated

One way to get your child interested in the book club is by having them invite friends over to make a list of books they are reading right now, or are curious about.  It starts interaction, which is a good way to get kids curious about books.  From there, you can also start writing on your blog about the findings of the kid meeting.  As your blog continues, you can start compiling email addresses, because you will need them later.

Online Invitations

Once you have spent some time getting email addresses of parents that are interested in having their children participate in your kids book club, all you have to do is work on an invitation.  Sending an evite is the best way to connect with all of the parents, but be sure you create an evite that has plenty of information about the club.  Evites are very easy to do, and not time consuming.

Your kids book club online is going to be a great way for your children to read, but also make new friends online.  The interaction will keep your kids excited and focused on reading.


Has Summer Fun Stretched Your Pockets?

There are two times of year where spending money and having fun go hand in hand.  These times are summer and Christmas.  With the summer season ending and Christmastime around the corner, you might want to consider ways to save money and recover from the summer expenses.  Here are some ideas.


Pay Down Debt


First, focus on paying down summer debts that you have incurred.  You can do this through various means.  Many people get payday loans online and use these to help them pay off their debt quickly.  You can do this too.  Just make sure the loan doesn’t charge you a high interest rate.  If it does, you might want to consider extra work on the weekends to pay down your summer fun and prepare for the Christmas season.


Eat In


Next, consider eating in for a change.  Many people love to avoid the cooking hassle and head to their favorite restaurants for dinner.  This is a great idea and a very big part of summer.  However, it can also get expensive.  The good news is you can easily cut expenses by eating in for a change.  Make a weekly menu and create a grocery list for your needs.  This will help you maintain your budget and cut costs.  You also might lose a few pounds will you are at it.  After all, the large portions from restaurants are not always ideal.


Avoid The Mall


Finally, make sure to avoid the mall.  The mall is a tempting place if your pocket book is stretched.  It’s easy to buy a little here and a little there thinking it won’t make a difference.  However, these expenses add up over time.  They are the quickest way to go over your budget as well.  Instead, stay home.  Read a book or watch a TV show.  Organize, clean, or do something productive.  These activities will bring you fulfillment and also eliminate unnecessary expenses.


It is common to spend more during the summertime.  Just make sure that your summer habits don’t become year around ones.  Otherwise, you will find it hard to keep up.


Send Your Child to an Immersion School Online

Many parents are opting to home school their children for a myriad of reasons.  Home based education has been popular for many years and the parents who choose this method were required to spend part of their day engaged in providing instruction to their children from textbooks.  This methodology was not always effective and required the parent to be present for all the child’s learning experiences.  However, times have changed, home based schooling has evolved with the opportunity for online instruction for the K-12 and sometimes even K-16 grade levels.


Home Schooling


With this expansion of opportunities to home school has come the availability of a broader based curriculum.  Online instruction pairs the student with new strategies available for learning, allowing parents to choose a course of instruction with common core standards that fit their needs.  The parent is no longer required to spend hours daily, working through course material.  The lessons are presented through the internet and the student works independently with the opportunity to explore new learning strategies.


Why the Immersion Model?


Immersion learning is a 50/50 model, students are introduced to language and content based instruction.  It has been documented that in immersion modeled instruction students learn more about the relationship between language and content.  The student’s language skills as well as their academic skills are stronger and they become more independent learners.  Not only are immersion model students bilingual they are bi-lateral learners as well, with an increased interest in learning.  Language skills are becoming more important in our global economy with China being one of the emerging powers.  The strategies of immersion learning introduce new schools of thought on how children learn and encourage students to incorporate learned concepts as they embrace new ideas.  Deciding to enroll your student in an immersion school online is a step into future learning modalities.                  


The Lingering Effects of PPI Problems

The insurance world has a new problem at hand.  It involves Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).  And the problems could be affecting you and your recent loan.  If you or someone you know has PPI Claims, here are some things you should be concerned about.


Your Claim


The economic problems have substantially increased the number of claims taken out for PPI customers.  Many people think they qualify for coverage given their inability to pay their debts due to the economy.  However, not all insurance companies are accepting these claims.  In fact, many claims have been rejected.  The rejection rate for these claims is much higher than other forms of insurance.  This can be frustrating for anyone with a claim.


Bad Advice


Many people are realizing that the rejection rate has a lot to do with bad advice that was given to the consumer.  Many took out these policies and did not understand the specifics.  This failure to read the fine print is leaving many people in trouble.  They are taking out claims for something that the insurance company says is not covered.  If you received bad advice or no advice, you could be dealing with frustration.  You most likely paid for something you didn’t fully understand.


Mis-Sold Complaints


Furthermore, many consumers claim that they were mis-sold in terms of their policies.  Since their claims have been rejected, they feel like they were improperly informed.  And they also feel as though they paid for insurance that was worthless to them at the end of the day.  This “mis-sold” controversy has created a lot of buzz throughout the UK.  Many people are demanding their money back from banks and/or the insurance company.  This could be a heavy expense for these companies.  While it probably is cheaper than paying the claims, it is not good from a PR standpoint.


If you took out this credit insurance, you could be dealing with these common problems today.  Talk to a financial professional you trust today.  Determine what your best option is for dealing with the side effects of this bad insurance.  You might still have hope.


Donald R Bernard is One of Our Top Texans

Donald R. Bernard may not be a name that you know if you live outside of Texas, but to residents of Texas, Mr. Bernard is a well-known lawyer and businessman who has been influencing and making key decisions that have affected Texas law and business for decades.


Jim Bowie


Like Donald R. Bernard, Jim Bowie was a risk taker and not afraid to do things that were considered revolutionary. Bowie is well known for his work defending the Alamo and his iconic death, which only made him larger than life and a figure that’s been remembered for almost 200 years since his death.


Davy Crockett


One of the most well-known and iconic figures from the state of Texas actually got his start in Tennessee. Davy Crockett was a passionate congressman who opposed Andrew Jackson at every turn. His opposition to President Jackson’s policies ultimately led to his defeat in congress and untimely death at the Alamo where he was killed during the Texas Revolution.


Dorie Miller


He started out in humble beginnings and didn’t think his life in Waco Texas would amount to much on the family farm and he was right. This ultimately led Dorie Miller to enlist in the United States Navy and he played a part in defending his ship and country during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941. Even though he was a cook, Miller fought valiantly and was awarded with the Navy Cross.


Oliver North


He’s known today as a television commentator and writer, but what many people don’t know is that Oliver North was one of America’s favorite military leaders. Eventually, he reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. North served with honors during the Vietnam War and was awarded the Silver Star, bronze star and Purple Heart for his service.


George W. Bush


He was the 43rd president of the United States and had the most turbulent presidency in history because of the September 11th, 2001 attacks and the eventual U.S. involvement in the Iraq plus Afghan Wars. Mr. Bush who is part of the Bush family was accustomed to the demands of leadership and he took the country through those trying times with strength and grace.


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